With winter coming and still no group activities, I thought I would remind members of our extensive archive of past bulletins, and articles as well as the booklets previously mentioned.

These are all available to members free of charge. Remember your membership runs until the end of 2021. If you are not a member then please join, it is a mere £12 for family membership.

The files are best transferred using 'WeTransfer' or any other transfer app you use, let me know and I will give it a go.

There is a full list below.  You can have as many as you like.

Any requests just message me. - Gordon  (October 2020)




Pebbles of Volcanic Material in the upper Red Sandstone of Morayshire

Notes on the Development of The Culbin Foreland

Ancient Soils in the Culbin Forest

The Clava Shelley Till Controversy

Clay Building in the Lower Spey Valley

Recent Records of Pine Marten in Moray

Further Notes on the barony of Culbin

Kellas Oakwood

The East Grange Mill – a note on its primary machinery

Erosion in Burghead Bay

Some Shrubs and Trees for the Moray Coast

Progress Report on Industrial Archaeology of Forres & District

Notes on ‘Stake and Rice’ in Elgin

Electricity in the North

Farming 1915-1937-1977

Place Names and Possible Roman Sites In Moray

Caring in 19th Century Forres

Dr Robert Watson – A Neglected Elgin Radical

Trees at Innes in 1974

A Marine Clay from Burghead Bay

An Unsuccessful Archaeological & Geological Outing to Covesea

Erosion at Burghead Bay and the Culbin Sands

The Development of the Working Horse in Scotland

Thomas Edmondston and The Moray Field Club

Timmer Lum at Rotherhill

Trees at Innes 1978

Plants of Mediaeval Elgin

Portessie Station, Terminus and Junction

Dr Gordon of Birnie

Trees in the Avenue at Altyre

Erosion at the Culbin Sands 1979

Bee Boles

Singing Games

Literary References to Romans and Moray

The Memoirs of Reverend James Allan and the state of support for the Presbyterian Church in Moray 1689-90

Notes on Elgin Window Glazing

The Mouth of the Spey in the 18th Century

Erosion in Burghead Bay and at the Culbin Sands in 1980

Trees measured during 1980 in Moray with heights over 100’ and/or girths over 10’

The “Costa da Sand”

Recent Boreholes for Water in Moray

Aerial reconnaissance in Moray

Glassaugh Windmill, Banffshire

Index of Papers

Poultry Palaces: Notes on Highland Heated Henhouses

Roman? Site at Thomshill

Letters to Lizzie

Genealogy of the Gordon of Birnie Family

A Threshing Day on a Farm in the 1920’s (“Millie Day”)

“Millie Day” in a Farm Kitchen

The Burn, Glenesk

Letters From Canada

A Dunbar In America

Literary References To Romans and Moray – List No 2

Erosion at Culbin Sands and Burghead Bay in 1983

All and Heall The Barony of Culbin

The Coast Railway In Banffshire

Postscript to Letters To Lizzie

Literary References To Romans and Moray – List No 3

Dads Army. The Home Guard In Moray 1940-44

Erosion of The Moray Coast in 1988

Butterflies In Moray District

Spiders- A Casual Acquaintance

A Page In The Day of a Newspaper, 5th May 1917

The Carronade – The Gun That Defeated Napoleon

Birds In An Elgin Town Garden

Old and Remarkable Trees of Moray

Jack The Rogue

The Moray Coastline in 1985

Elgin’s Poet of the Hills- Andrew Young 1885-1971

Agriculture – At The Crossroads

The Moray Meal Riots of 1847

The ‘Moray’ Speyside Way

The Moray Coast In 1986

Old Maps and Estate Plans Of Moray

Robert Jamieson of Spindlemuir – A Transatlantic Search

The Moray Nimrod

The Moray Coast In 1987

The Submerged Forest In Burghead Bay

The Status and Breeding Biology of the Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Merlin in Moray District

Poetry For Coastal Paths

Lachlan Shaw, Minister And Historian

MaCallan – The Parish That Never Was

Place Names In Badenoch

One Beekeeper’s Year

The Old Village of Findhorn

The Moray Coast in 1988

Botany In Churchyards

Forres – What’s In A Name?

From Council Of War To Town Council

Nature Notes of William Fordyce, Elgin 1885-88

The Moray Coast In 1989

The Problem of Late and post Glacial Sea Levels in the Inverness Firth

A Year In Grantown on Spey

A Paper on Tidal Cuurents read before the Elgin and Morayshire Scientific Society on 31st March 1838

The Designing and Building of Elgin Museum 1837-43

The Forgotten Botanist

The Moray Coast in 1990

Notes from Grantown-on-Spey

Botany in the Findhorn Valley, 1990-1991

Genealogy of the Gordon of Birnie Family

Dr William F Cumming; A ‘Moray Loon’ in Europe and Egypt. 1836-37

The Moray Coast in 1991

Butterfly Records – Highland Region

Blackpots Brick and Tileworks and Harbour c 1785-1974

John Grant Malcolmson

Fungi in Moray 1992

The Moray Coast in 1992

An Example of Cross Writing

Butterfly Recording – Highland Region

William Leslie, Minister and wit, 1747-1839

The Place Name Birnie

The Moray Coast in 1993

The Home Guard Rifle – P17

What’s In a Name? -Lossie

The Moray Coast in 1994

A Layperson’s Guide to the Umbellifers of Moray, Nairn & E Inverness

Duffus Castle, Morayshire

The History of The Moray Field Club

The Moray Coast in 1995

Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the Telephone, and Covesea

Gazebo at Milton Brodie, Morayshire

John Brodie-Innes of Milton Brodie

From Moray to Melbourne – a Duke’s Daughter in the Bush

The Moray Coast in 1996

Elgin Bridges over the River Lossie

The Moray Floods of 1st and 2nd July 1997

Fossil Footprints in the Permo-Triassic Sandstone of Hopeman

Keam Episcopal Church, Duffus

The Moray Coast in 1997

Where was James Ramsay MacDonald Born?

The Rodney Stone

The Moray Coast in 1998

Teaching and Life on the Moray Coast

Sequel to the July Floods of 1997

The Wildlife of RAF Kinloss

The Nigg Stone

St Giles, Patron Saint of Elgin

The Moray Coast in 1999

Buildings in Elgin, Past and Present

Witches’ Brooms

The Lossiemouth Field Club

Fishing and Fishing Settlements

The Romans in Moray


Excavations At Birnie

Cullen Banffshire

Notes on Lethen House

The history of the Ancient Oak Forest of Darnaway and its Timber

Those Flood Plains Again!

3 British Infantry Division Training in Moray 1943-1944

The Clashach Skull

Uncovering Scottish Forests

Short Notes from Covesea

Excavations at Birnie – 2001 update

Excavations at Birnie Kirk

Birnie and the early Bishopric of Moray

Notes on Buildings in Findhorn

The Captain’s Tale

Dr George Gordon of Birnie

Comyn’s Road

The Window, the Screen and the Stair

History of Darnaway Forest

The Box

SNH – The Local Scene

Tuataras and Trias

Excavations at Birnie 2002

The Findhorn Stone

The Saga of the Skunk Cabbage

Unusual Trees of Moray

Arthur’s bridge, River Lossie, Moray

World War II Home Guard Sub-Artillery

World War II Coastal Battery

Mighty Mouse

Excavations at Lesmurdie

Flooded Out

Linkwood Road

Arthur’s Bridge, part II

Black Friday

The Pluscarden Pine

Update on Witches Broom

Finding Fumarias in Moray

Colin Campbell – a Scottish Swede

Birnie Update

Ancient Enzie Forest

Douglas Fir – Provenance of Interest – a Review

The Moray Gig

Arthur’s Bridge, Part III

Knockando Wool Mill

Moray’s Lost Flora

Inverugie Lime Kiln and Quarry

The Buried Tombstones of Morayshire

Birnie Update

A Winter Walk

Who were the Picts?

Gene-ius at Newton

Side-tracked: Genius or Geek

Gardenston & Crovie

A Special Occasion

The Order Pot – a Project Proposed

Birnie Update


A 1949 Spring Sail

Pennan – a Coastal Settlement

Ex libris Thoma Urquharti

The Rise & Fall of the Rabbit Population

Jessie Kesson, Lady lane & Sherriff Rampini

A Domestic Ice House in Moray

A Review

Close Life in 19th Century Elgin

Birnie Update

A history of the Elgin Brewery 1784-1912

Presmuchrah Shepherds Bothy & Book Launch

Dallachy Airfield May 1943-May 1945

Fife Notes: Alexander Seton, sometime provost of Elgin

A life in letters: James William Grant, 3rd laird of Wester Elchies

Robert Russell of Elgin

Birnie Update

Elgin and the Plot to Kill Hitler

World War II at Aberlour House

The Carved Stones of the Commercial Bank

Notes around Grantown

Jock Inkson

Falconer Larkworthy in the North

Schooldays in Laggan


Notes from Covesea for 2008

The Birnie Dig Report 2008

Moray’s Salt Industry

Doors Open Day – Altyre Estate

Lady Florence Gordon Cumming and Altyre

Sylvia Benton

A Centenary of Guiding

Notes from Covesea for 2009

Clarkly Hill finds

Bulletins 1 - 37

List of Birnie reports

MFC Papers 1973 to 1996


The Doocots of Moray

Bridges in Moray

Trees in Moray 1980