Sara was recently sent a number of Pamphlets by the daughter of Alistair Scott. These include .....


Trees in Moray 1980 ; a gazetteer of local trees by Alistair Scott


Trees for the Traveller; by Alistair Scott Cathedrals,


Abbeys and Priories in Moray; by Ian Keillar, illustrated by Crispin Worthington


Doocots of Moray; by Elizabeth Beaton Bridges in Moray; by Alistair Scott, illustrated by Crispin Worthington


There aren't enough original copies to promise one to everyone however I have scanned some and working on others. That way we have a digital copy for posterity.

They are too big for our website ( but if members would like a digital copy, let me know and I will either e-mail them or use dropbox if they are too big. All free of charge if you are a member.

If you aren't already a member then it is a mere £12 to join and I will gladly copy them to you. We also have a load of archived material (a full list will appear sometime soon). We cant organise walks just now but as inspiration, have a visit to each site, take a photo, post it get the idea.